The Lehan Development Process

The Lehan Development Process

“... you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed”

- Napolean Hill



Market Analysis




First and foremost we evaluate all facets of a concept and begin brainstorming sessions to identify the most successful path for your product.

We look to diagnose problems before they happen and map out the project so that everyone involved can see the big picture.

In this stage we will learn all about your product’s existing market, immediate presence and foreseeable future.

We even offer a service to get you in touch with venture capital partners!


Once we’ve identified what is needed, we go about piecing together the plan of how we’re going to make it happen. From branding to component sourcing and engineering, we create a solid plan for your product’s success.

We don’t just design products that fulfill a task - we create items that incite desire in your potential customers. We do this by making the product to fit the user and make a plan to show them why they need your concept in their lives.

We continue to frequently interface you during this process to ensure you’re a part of any decision making and to keep you in the loop about the progress of prototyping.


Industrial Design

Circuit Design

Embedded Software



Once prototypes have been constructed, they are rigorously tested to ensure they operate according to specification, and that they don’t fail in extreme conditions.

Beta Testing samples can be sent to end users to confirm that the final product suits the market requirements. This is the stage at which the design can be modified and improved as needed.

When the product design is finalised, Lehan can arrange for all compliance testing for EMC, Electrical Safety and other standards as required for the product and destination markets. We have partnerships with certified laboratories in Asia to keep the costs for this stage affordable.


Our hybrid manufacturing model combines low cost component sourcing from Asia, with final assembly, testing and packing here in Australia. The result is high quality products with a low build cost.

OEM customers even have the option for us to stock their products in our warehouse and ship direct to their customers in Australia or around the world as needed. This frees your time to focus on the important task of building your business.


Good product design is also about attractive packaging, an excellent instruction manual, promotional literature, and an elegant web site.

Lehan can help with all of these to provide you with a complete total product service.

The future development path is also an essential element. A program of continuous development and improvement is the best way to stay ahead of the competition.


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